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Lake Sunapee (Postcard History) Paperback
April 30, 2012
by Paul D. Rheingold

Lake Sunapee Postcards

Lake Sunapee in southern New Hampshire is one of the gems of New England. It is 10 miles long, and at 1,100 feet in elevation, it is the highest large lake in the state. It is dominated at its southern end by the magnificent Mount Sunapee.

The lakeshore has an unusually interesting history, traced here in postcard views, many from the start of the 20th century.

They tell a story of large resort hotels, steamboat travel, and trains, all in the era before the automobile.

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Newbury (Images of America) Paperback
June 1, 2009
by Shelly Candidus

Newbury NH History

Newbury, NH has attracted residents and visitors to its unspoiled landscape since its incorporation in 1778.

Early settlers found sustenance in Sunapee’s lake and mountain as they tamed the wilderness, and later visitors found relaxation and recreation as they came to lakeside destinations by railroad and steamboat.

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An Aerial View of Lake Sunapee, NH
“Lake of the Wild Goose” Circa. 1949-50

Lake Sunapee Aerial

A coffee-table book of black and white aerial photographs of Lake Sunapee.

This fascinating view of the entire shoreline has been assembled from hundreds of photos taken in 1949-50 with a World War II military camera.

Over 225 different photos in the book, some close-up, some panoramic.
All are interesting!

The book is not available online. To reserve a copy, call 603-763-2441 or email: Large prints may be ordered of individual photos

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