Our Lake Sunapee Artists page features the very best artists and photographers in the region. Click the links on each listing to visit the web gallery page for each artist.

 Lenis Bartlett Lenis Bartlett paints in oils on local legal turkey feathers bought from hunters when the turkeys are in season. She also paints on goose eggs which are bought out West. wolf lion eagle
Caren Calafati Caren Calafati specializes in the watercolor medium employing varying techniques and other medium such as varnish with watercolor. She has exhibited in numerous gallery locations primarily in the Northeast and the Southeast. Watercolor Lemons
E. Thor Carlson E. Thor Carlson is a prolific painter, sculptor and tapestry weaver. He is a master of all painting styles including landscape, still life, abstract, and fantasy. Ocean Point Maine
David M. Carroll David M. Carroll
I look over the art work I have done for my five books, one of my most personally satisfying realizations is that with but three or four pieces out of the entire collection, all watercolors and drawings represent something I have seen myself over the course of my swampwalking.
Spotted Turtles Autumn
Laurette Carroll Laurette Carroll studied at the School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. She paints with a wide range of materials, including oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, charcoal, and pencil; producing works in a broad range of styles, from naturalistic to impressionistic, as well as purely abstract. Blue Delphiniums
Ludmila Gayvoronsky Ludmila Gayvoronsky translates her intensity of feeling, compelling vision, and imagination with gestural vigor and refined technical virtuosity in haunting surrealism and expressionism. Gayvoronsky Yesterday
Mary Jane Cross Mary Jane Cross
A strong theme in Mary Jane’s work is the time of life when things were safe and a purity and abandon were encouraged. She remembers moments from her childhood when she was lying in the grass or turning her face towards the sun.
Carried Away by Mary Jane Cross
Barbara J. Huff Barbara J. Huff has captured historic memories of Newport and surrounding areas. For the last 20 years, Barbara has been delighting patrons with floral oil paintings, buildings, landscapes, pets, portraits, and semi-abstracts. Garage by Barbara J. Huff
Loren Howard Loren Howard Painting has always been my favorite artistic involvement. Everywhere I turn I find a potential painting and I want each painting to show some of the spirit that inspired me to do the painting in the first place. See also Stoneware Art Pottery by Loren Howard Birches in Summer
Bea Jillette Bea Jillette enjoys painting flowers and the New England landscape. She tries to capture the infinite surprise of design, color and form in nature and to express this with the runs, washes, hues and accidents of watercolor. Good Neighbors by Bea Jillette
Heidi M. Lorenz Heidi M. Lorenz was born in Muenchweiler, Germany December 18, 1965. Heidi spent her childhood predominately in the United Kingdom where magnificent coastline & country life enthused her sensibility toward art, horses, & the sea. Gem by Heidi M. Lorenz
Rosemary McGuirk Rosemary McGuirk creates charming and delightful cut paper art scenes as well as paintings and sketches. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in the Library Arts Center and her designs are available on holiday cards and note cards. Ski Hill by Rosemary McGuirk
Susan Parmenter Susan Parmenter paints in a realist style using oils and pastels. Favorite subjects are landscape, still life and animals. Presently, her love of drawing and painting has returned her to the fine art world. Pewter Pitcher Onions
JoAnn Pippin JoAnn Pippin has been painting watercolors for over 20 years, with major inspiration coming from cruising in a sailboat from Maine to Key West and camping in national parks across the country. While living in Grantham, New Hampshire, she painted a series of Lake Sunapee boathouses, and has since done custom paintings of Lake Sunapee scenes. Striped Door Boathouse
Leigh Schoch Leigh Schoch paints landscapes that are more naturalistic with a hint of nostalgia for how life used to be growing up in rural Maine in the 60’s. She paints scenes of New England and the Maritimes in oils, pastels, and watercolors. Monhegan by Leigh Schoch


Jim Block Jim Block photographs individuals, families, weddings, for commercial marketing, and for magazines. He teaches digital photography from his home studio in Hanover. Please explore his web site for samples and information.
Lake and Mount Sunapee
Walter Cowan Walter Cowan first came to Lake Sunapee as a youngster with his family in 1961 and fell in love with this beautiful area. For many years Walter used his Canon AE-1 to take numerous scenic slides of the Lake Sunapee area, including sites and places which no longer exist. Great Island Red House
Lindsay Holmes Lindsay Holmes & Tom McHugh of Great Island Photography, LLC are experienced professional photographers providing portrait, event, wedding, architectural and commercial photography and videography services. They have a large archive of Sunapee area and other landscapes available for purchase. Visit GreatIslandPhotography.com for more information. Rowing on Lake Sunapee
Rick “The MooseMan” Libbey Rick “The MooseMan” Libbey
Rick has a rather unique approach to shooting wildlife. He flies in by floatplane to wilderness settings, explores and shoots by kayak once there.
Gordon the Bull Moose
Maureen Rosen Maureen Rosen and her husband Art enjoy life on Lake Sunapee. Their boat and her camera are always at the ready to capture loons, the glistening lake, fluffy clouds, sailboats and glorious sunsets. Blodgett vista
Ken Schuster After 34 years as a photographer in L.A., Ken Schuster moved to Newbury in 2002. His house borders a wildlife sanctuary, and every day he looks to the sky and exclaims “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Stormed til Sunset
Scott Snyder Scott Snyder is a professional photographer based in Henniker, New Hampshire. Scott’s landscape and fine art photography strives to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary, the luminous and miraculous in the small details of the every day. Pilsbury State Park
Rick Stockwell Rick Stockwell creates digital paintings from photographs with a combination of techniques using digital brushes, tablets, and various software. The result is a work of art with many of the same painterly techniques used with a real brush and wet paint. Sunapee Harbor by Rick Stockwell
Ben Tolosa Since 2013, Ben Tolosa Studios, LLC has served the greater Boston area with photography, filmmaking and graphic design services. Portraiture, product photography, logo design and cinematography of films and music videos are the core of Ben’s expertise. Womans Image by Ben Tolosa
Karen Winterholer Karen Winterholer grew up on the coast of New England before coming to Goshen in 1979. She enjoys taking digital fine art photographs in a new direction to show details and textures that bring out the magic in landscapes and botanicals. Some of the botanicals become featured art in her unique necklaces. The Nubble