Lake Sunapee Postcard History
By Paul D. Rheingold
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Enjoy these beautiful Lake Sunapee postcards of a bygone era.

Lake Sunapee East Side Post Card
Lake Sunapee from east side
between Newbury and Blodgetts Landing


Hedgehog Lake Sunapee
Hedgehog Fishing Grounds and Mount Sunapee
Looking southwest towards Newbury.
Hedgehog is the deepest part of Lake Sunapee


Armenia White Lake Sunapee Post card
The Steamer “Armenia White” Docked at Lakeside Landing


Old Sunapee Harbor 1 Post Card
Sunapee Harbor, Lake Sunapee, N.H.
From the vantage point where the Anchorage Restaurant now stands showing the Ben Mere Inn with a steamship at the dock.


Lake Towards Newbury 1
Lake Sunapee Looking Towards Newbury, N.H.
The lake shore with the old railroad tracks that ran along the west shore of the lake.


Old Sunapee Harbor 2 Post Card
Lake Sunapee at Sunapee Harbor
The now demolished Ben Mere Inn with several steamships at the dock.


Old Kearsarge 1 Post Card
“Kearsarge,” Lake Sunapee, N.H.
The original Kearsarge steamboat that was the inspiration for the
MV Kearsarge steamboat replica that now sails the lake.


Granliden Hotel Postcard
Woods and Mountains from Granliden Hotel


Georges Mills Postcard
The Harbor at Georges Mills


Lake Sunapee Georges Mills Post Card
Georges Mills from Lake Sunapee


Steamer Landing Blodgetts 1 Post Card
Lake Sunapee, N.H., Steamer Landing, Blodgetts.
From the now demolished steamboat landing looking west across
the lake to Great Island and Little Island.


Landing at Blodgetts 1 Post Card
Landing at Blodgetts, Lake Sunapee, N.H.
An early primitive steamboat landing, looking as if it may collapse
under the weight of waiting passengers.


Lake Station Steamers 1 Post Card
Steamers at Lake Station, Lake Sunapee, N.H.
Two unidentified steamboats docked at Lake Station.




Sailing on Sunapee 1 Post Card
Sailing on Lake Sunapee, N.H.
Looking westward across the lake into
the sun setting behind a lone sailboat.

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