Photos and video by Great Island Photography

The news was first heard on 1/10/2013 Thursday evening, when several Sunapee Harbor residents posted on Facebook that the cruise boat MV Kearsarge had partially sunk at its dock in the harbor with its bow in the air.

The next morning the story had been picked up by newspapers, websites and broadcast news outlets from California to Europe, with even England’s The Daily Mail running the story.

By Saturday morning there were dozens of workers involved in the recovery effort including marine salvage experts from Portsmouth and hundreds of local residents had come out to watch.

Late Saturday afternoon the boat was raised using flotation bags, and after less than 48 hours underwater the Kearsarge was floating on its own again.

Fortunately damage was minimized by the quick recovery and the owners of the boat say that it will be repaired & ready by June for a full season of dinner cruises.

To reserve a cruise call 603-938-6465 or visit MVKearsarge.com

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