Olive G. Pettis Library

Library Hours:

Monday:  3:00 – 6:00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:
9:00 – 12:30  &
3:00 – 6:30
Friday:  CLOSED
Saturday (third monthly) 10:00 – 2:00

CLOSED all other Saturdays, Sundays
and major holidays

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Information on Goshen

The town of Goshen, NH, a quintessential New England town, is nestled in the foothills of Mount Sunapee in Sullivan County. Comprised of Goshen Mill Village and Goshen Four Corners, it is home to the Franklin Pierce Lead Mine and Gunnison Lake, known as “The Goshen Ocean” to the locals.

Goshen, NH seems like a typical New England small town. You could drive right through the center of town on your way to Newport or Keene, past the Town Hall, The Goshen Country Store and the Olive G. Pettis Library, and you may not notice anything worth slowing down for. However, there is much to do in Goshen if you know where to look.

Just a couple of small signs hint at what awaits you in Goshen. In front of the library is an historical plaque with the story of Capt. John W. Gunnison. Born in Goshen in 1812, John Williams Gunnison graduated from West Point and went on to become a famous western explorer. Gunnison, Colorado bears his name and his birthplace still stands on Center Road.

The Olive G. Pettis Library was founded in 1884 when Mrs. Pettis willed her personal library to the town of Goshen. The present library building was opened to the public in 1908.

Just north of the center of town is The Strategy Zone. Adventurous folks come from all over New England to put on battle dress uniforms (BDU’s) with laser sensors, pick up futuristic infrared laser weapons (just like the army uses for training), and try their hand at outdoor laser combat.

Bear in Goshen, NHFor a more relaxing time, there are hiking and kayaking at Gunnison Lake, which also has a spectacular view of the back side of Mt. Sunapee (the side without the ski trails). The three-mile Ruth LeClair Memorial Trail runs along the shore of the lake. Make sure you stay on the LeClair Trail – there are snowmobile trails that run parallel to the lake trail and it is easy to wander onto them and end up in the next town!

More advanced hikers head for the other side of town, up Old Province Road, to the Province Trail for a challenging two-mile hike up the side of Mt. Sunapee. If you have any energy left after you reach the top, follow the signs for another mile to Lake Solitude.

Attractions in Goshen , NH

The Back Side Inn
Located at the back side of Mount Sunapee. One of the closest full service inns to Mount Sunapee. Dining at the Back Side Inn includes sunday brunches, special buffet nights, price fix dinners and special menus. BYOB. Reservations required.
1171 Brook Road, Goshen
Back Side Inn, Goshen, NH
Tippicanoe Campground
Tippicanoe CampgroundCampground is located on the shoreline of Rand Pond, a clean, sandy-bottom spring fed pond that is stocked with trout by the State of New Hampshire every year and enjoys a reputation far and wide as a great fishing destination.
Brook Rd. Goshen, NH
tippicanoe Campgound, Goshen, NH
The Strategy Zone
Outdoor laser tag is a team oriented combat simulation that can be played in different locations. The Strategy Zone offers an exciting field, complete with bunkers, bridge and natural terrain.
Route 10, Goshen
The Strategy Zone, Goshen, NH
Gunnison Lake
One of the state’s best-kept secrets, Gunnison Lake, fondly called “The Goshen Ocean” by local residents, is a tranquil spot for canoeing and bird-watching.
Gunnison Lake, Goshen, NH
Ruth LeClair Memorial Trail
For a pleasant walk, take the Ruth LeClair Memorial Trail, a three-mile loop around Gunnison Lake.
 Gunnison Lake One of the state's best-kept secrets, Gunnison Lake, fondly called "The Goshen Ocean" by local residents, is a tranquil spot for canoeing and bird-watching. Gunnison Lake, Goshen, NH Ruth LeClair Memorial Trail, Goshen, NH
Province Trail to Mt. Sunapee Summit
The Summit Trail leads from the base of the Mount Sunapee ski area to the summit of Sunapee Mountain, and receives heavy use in the summer months. Almost all of the trail is part of the Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway. The trailhead is at the end of Old Province Road in Goshen.
Province Trail, Goshen, NH