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The Lake Sunapee Cruising Fleet is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the sport of sailboat racing on Lake Sunapee and creating friendships. It has been in existence since 1984.

From May to September each year, we will be racing on Lake Sunapee every Wednesday evening and every other Sunday afternoon. If you would like to join our fleet or need more information, see the fleet website:

Phone: 603-763-4898


Our goal is to have fun while we race competitively and safely. We support each other, from beginner to experienced racer, as we improve our sailing skills and adhere to the rules of racing.

We encourage novice sailors and sailors new to racing by giving them assistance as they learn.

Our fleet consists of a variety of sailboats in the 18-28 feet in length range. The Fleet is separated in two groups, Cruising and Racing, based on Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) ratings.

The use of spinnakers is optional with a PHRF rating adjustment.


In addition to racing, the Lake Sunapee Cruising Fleet holds several socials throughout the season. The socials promote comradeship among the members.

Click here to visit the Lake Sunapee Cruising Fleet web site