View from the Eagles Nest, Mt Sunapee

Located almost 500 feet above Newbury Harbor, the Eagle’s Nest overlook is a rocky outcropping with a break in the tree line that gives a spectacular view of the southern tip of Lake Sunapee.

The hike is about half a mile up the steep and rocky Mt. Sunapee Newbury Trail and then turns onto a short side trail along the mountain flank .2 miles to the Eagle’s Nest.

The side trail to the overlook was once marked with a sign but now the trail entrance is marked with a pile of stones called a cairn.

Eagles Nest Trail Marker CairnThe cairn marking the entrance to the Eagle’s Nest trail

A water flume carved into the rock is a perfect place to stop for a rest as you watch the water stream rapidly over a long section of smooth rocks and feel the cooling mist from the rapidly running water.

Mt Sunapee FlumeThe flume on the Eagle’s Nest trail

The view from the overlook is unforgettable. The mountain slope is so steep that you feel like you are hanging right above the harbor.

You can see the gorgeous houses of Newbury Hill to the west and, to the southwest, the view of the southern New Hampshire hills stretches for a hundred miles.

The best time of day for this hike is later in the afternoon. The sun will be from behind your vantage point and shining directly on your view of Newbury Harbor before the mountain cuts off the direct light about an hour before sunset.

Before hitting the trails please check out our page of hiking safety tips.