Clark Lookout at Lake Sunapee
Clark Lookout at Lake Sunapee

Clark Lookout is a spectacular scenic overlook on the North end of Lake Sunapee. Just a short 10 minute hike up a small hill, it is a perfect spot for a family picnic or just to relax a bit viewing the most amazing view of Lake Sunapee and Mount Sunapee.

Getting there

Take Exit 12 of I-89. Go west on Rt. 11 and turn south on 103A. Go to the Park and Ride, just off of exit 12 on Rt 89. Just across the street from the parking lot is a small sign that directs you to the trail head located on Davis Hill Rd. About 200 yards up Davis Hill Rd. on the left is a wooden gate with a sign marking the trail.

Stone bench at Clark Lookout, New London, NH
Stone bench at Clark Lookout

Follow the trail until you come to an intersection and a small sign directing you to take a right turn up the hill. The other trails lead to private property so please be respectful of others.

Turn left at the top of the hill where the trail opens up into a small clearing with a stone wall and a granite bench.

The stunning view faces directly South down the length of the lake with almost all of the northern half of Lake Sunapee visible.

You can see Blodgetts Landing on the left, Great Island and Little Island are directly ahead with some of The Narrows visible behind them.

The ski trail side of Mount Sunapee dominates the view and you can even see most of the windmills of the Lempster Wind Farm poking up just to the right of the mountain.

To the right is Loon Island Lighthouse and the entrances to Sunapee Harbor & Fishers Bay.

The Clark Lookout is managed and maintained by the New London Conservation Commission.

Handicapped access

The trailhead gate is locked but you can get a key to the gate from the New London town office and drive up the trail to the overlook in a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

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