Moose Meadow Pottery

Loren Howard
North Sutton, NH

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The stoneware pottery that I make is fired at cone 6 in a gas kiln. The pots are both thrown and hand formed and often made by a combination of the two methods. The floor lamps are especially unique and are seldom made by other potters. They are made in sections because firing them as one piece is impractical and usually they warp in all directions. I make my own glazes and most of the glaze application is done by spraying but I also do some dipping and brush design. The finished pieces are oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Stoneware Pottery 1
A variety of salt and pepper shakers rest among the stoneware tureens and serving dishes. The item in the upper right corner is a napkin holder. A sliding bar rests on top of the napkins and holds them in place.


Stoneware Soup Tureen
Stoneware Soup Tureen with Ladle

Stoneware Salt and Pepper
Stoneware Salt & Pepper Shakers

Stoneware Napkin Holder
Stoneware Napkin Holder

Stoneware Oil Lamp

Stoneware Pot and Cover
Stoneware Pot & Cover

Stoneware Candle Holder
Stoneware Candle Holder
Stoneware Vase
Stoneware Vase $30.0


5 Sided Stoneware Pot Lid
Stoneware 5-Sided Casserole

Please note that the items listed for sale here are all one-of-a-kind items and it is possible that a specific item may no longer be available.  Please give us a call regarding the availability of any particular item or come visit us at our studio to view our huge selection of available pieces.

This is what you call functional sculpture. I enjoy creating unusual forms and designs and then matching them with enhancing glazes. When all is said and done you have a unique sculpture that serves a purpose.

Floor Lamp 5
Stoneware Lamp Closeup2
The sculptural and design elements of the lamp are enhanced by the mottling of the beautiful complimentary glaze colors.

Stoneware Lamp Closeup1
Here you can see the ribbon design flowing up the right side to the top of the lamp. You can also see the three-way solid brass socket.


Here are some close-up shots of the detail on three different lamps. You can see the variety of ideas I have for creating interesting designs.

Floor Lamp Detail1 Floor Lamp Detail2 Floor Lamp Detail3


Stoneware Lamps3
Here is a collection of about half of the floor lamps I have made. The shades are just for display. Most people like to buy their own shades.


Soneware Pottery
The blue pot in the left foreground is a tureen that was made by shaping clay over a large stone. The tureen, when completed, is the same shape as the stone. Needles to say: the stone is removed. The texture is then applied with a textured stone. The three tureens and the two serving dishes in the background were made the same way. I guess you could say they are literally stoneware.


Stoneware Sculpture
My sculptures are often referred to as whimsical. They are – and also fun. There are dozens of ways to create designs with clay and tools. Someone looking at a sculpture asked, “But what is it?” the answer is: It is what is – a sculpture.


Stoneware Pottery 3
This variety of casseroles, vases, and pots shows my affinity for organic forms and glazes.


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