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Russian-born Ludmila Gayvoronsky graduated from the Sourikov Academy of Art in Moscow, and have garnered many awards in Russia. Family tragedy, son’s brain injury, led her abroad to Europe, and then to USA, where she had hoped for cure. Dreams didn’t come true: her son passed away. All these afflictions have been reflected in Ludmila’s art adding a highest sensibility and subjective tone of personal reverie to her works. Ludmila Gayvoronsky imbues all her paintings with a visceral energy and emotionalism.

Her artwork encompasses genres ranging from expressionistic to surreal. Ludmila’s portfolio incorporates dreamlike, elusive mysterious qualities, which combines the past with imaginative mythical or allegorical settings, successfully fusing the abstract and the real into a distinctive original style. Her technically proficient draftsmanship and her individual imagination stand outside any regional classification and establishes her as a member of international art world. Ludmila has exhibited her works in Moscow, Vienna, Zalzburg, Paris, New York City, Oxford (England), Boston, and all over New England.

Ludmila’s honors are numerous: from the Gold Medal at the very beginning of her career to the “American Medal of Honor” in 2003, and Premio Alba 2005. Diploma Di Meritol, Medal, Ferrara, Italia. Italian Accademia del Verbano conferred upon her title of Academician in Fine Art. Ludmila’s works has been featured in “Who’s who in International Art”, ”Who’s Who in America”, “Who’s Who in XXI Century, IBC, Cambridge, England”, “Who’s Who in the World”, “Who’s Who of American Women”, “Who’s Who in American Education”, “Dizionario Enciclopedico Internazionale D’Arte Moderna E Contemporanea, Casa Editrice Alba, Ferrara, Italia”, “2000 Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Century, IBC, Cambridge, England”, “Analecta Husserliana, The Yearbook of Phenomenological Research, Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands”, “Manhattan Arts Magazine”, “American Portrait Artists Directory”, “The New York Art Review, “Encyclopedia of Living Artists”, “Art New England”, “The Boston Sunday Globe” to name a few.


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