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Drawing and painting have always been a part of my life. Music and art do “run in the family.” I cannot imagine NOT being able to paint. Growing up in Maine and Nova Scotia gave me much scope for landscape study. I would take my sketchbook along when my family went clam digging in the tidal river. Always I was provided with the tools to create.

When the time came, I went off to be classically trained in art at Bob Jones University in SC and learned under Darell Koons, Emery Bopp and Carl Blair. They not only inspired and taught me well…they believed in me. Whoever said that “those that can, paint, and those that can’t, teach” has no idea what they are saying.

When I teach, my students are not allowed to say, “I can’t.” They know I believe in them too. When one of them looks up from painting and says, “Mrs. Leigh this is so fun!” this is my reward and my joy in passing on to them some of what I know. We have to pass on to others this knowledge, and teach them how to create truly fine art.

New Hampshire is a truly beautiful state. It gives me so much to use in painting that I can scarce decide what to paint. I see everything in terms of composition. Painting plein-air does help me to focus-though the weather and bugs tend to make me quit sooner than I would like. Usually, I finish up a painting in my Franklin studio. My landscapes are more naturalistic with a hint of nostalgia for how life used to be growing up in rural Maine in the 60’s. Marblehead, MA and Monhegan Isle are favorite places where I can get away to just paint.

Recently I have gotten back to oils and pastels. The New Hampshire Antiquarian Society Annual Art Show in Hopkinton is a favorite venue. My work is also in many private collections, the Hopkinton Public Library, Merrimack County Savings Bank, and Trinity Baptist Church.

Morning Sail
Morning Sail
Captures the quietude of early morning on a lake in New Hampshire.
7″x 11″ $175
Lake Sunapee Lake and Clouds
Lake and Clouds
I tried to capture the swiftly changing low-lying clouds and mist on Lake Sunapee. Mixing greys is something I have mastered through School of Color training.
13.5″ x 19.5″ $275
Marblehead Burial Ground
Old Burial Hill, Marblehead
On the outskirts of Oldtown Marblehead, towards Salem, is this historic cemetary. This was painted on site-the fog kept rolling in and out across Marblehead Harbor all morning. It was challenging.
11″x16″ $250
Spring Flow, Contoocook, NH
Spring Flow
I have done several studies of this dam in Contoocook, NH in all it’s moods.
13″ x 20″ $260
Marblehead Flowershop
The Flower Shop in Marblehead
This painting was done in my studio. We travel to Marblehead several times a year. I like old Marblehead with it’s crooked streets and juxtapositioned shops. This flower shop is a current landmark, bursting with color as you come around the corner. I have bravely started including the people that walk into my view.
10.5″ x 12.5″ $225
Squam Lake
Early Morning over Squam Lake
10″‘ x 14″ $175
Looking out Monhegan
Looking out Mohegan
This was done on site as the sunlight was fading. Painting in changing light is like trying to hit a moving target. Still sitting and painting on Monhegan is a world alone.
14″ x 20″ $275

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